Who Takes Care of Your Doctors?

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Over the years we have seen some of the most amazing doctors come across our health table. Some of them have gone on to be pioneers at many of the leading health care institutions in the country. Including Johns Hopkins, Baylor, Duke Medical and even right here in Winston-Salem at Novant and Wake Forest Baptist Health. Yet before many of them had alphabets behind their names, they were struggling students…. Before they were on TV featured in preeminent medical journals, they were just trying to pass the current test. Yes even Doctors need help and this morning was no exception.

Around this time of year we get high numbers of future doctors, Physician Assistants, nurses and even lawyers (more so during Bar examinations) contacting our office. With nearly 20 years in the Triad it never gets old. Future Hand Surgeon Dr TK. contacted our office complaining of mid-low back pain. After a quick examination we realized that her pain was probably not related to any major accident but she had been doing these 16 hour study binges as she prepares for her finals.

As is the case with our patients/clients we like to do a background evaluation just to see what lead up to the current pain or discomfort… Like all students, finals can either make a break a student’s progress. More so in the medical field since the competition is fierce.

In fact it’s not uncommon for health care students to have anxiety attacks, headaches, numbness and even major psychological and physiological abnormalities formed when under an extremely stressful environments without rest and recovery. In the some extreme cases, negative addiction start here that jeopardizes their health and the well-being of their patient down the road

This is supported by an October 2011 article in the Journal of Health Population and Nutrition that looked at the Effects of Stress on Medical Students. It found “A high prevalence of stress among medical students is a cause of concern as it may impair behavior of students, diminish learning, and ultimately affect patient care after their graduation.”

Returning to Dr TK… She previously sat in the library reading journals, memorizing cases and forming objective answers based on her findings in preparation for the ensuing examination. With just 30 min on our table and some helpful ideas… she was ready for another round and left our office refreshed and a new appreciation of good body posture positioning.

So the next time you see your doctor, medical student or any student for that matter, asked them, “who takes care of your body when it became all out of sorts? If they hesitate, please gently direct them to our Winston Salem office at 1012 Brookstown Ave. Or go online at www.6ths.com Remember that even though they are renowned in their field and may one day assist you in a major medical condition, they too need help keeping their mind and body in top performance.

Nike Roach, MS., LMBT.

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