Weight Loss without Pills: Acupuncture Therapy for Wellness

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“Mission Impossible”, a Tom Cruise blockbuster movie, grossed $45 million on its first week. “Weight Loss” as search term, generated over 50 million search engine results on Google. If it were a movie, “Weight Loss” could easily outrank “Mission Impossible” as one of blockbuster movies of all time!

However, this is not something to celebrate. This indicates an escalating worldwide problem served on a platter of French fries, cookie chips and choco bars– obesity.

Obesity and How to Avoid It

Obesity is excessive fat gained by the body due to various factors, but principally by eating too much junk. Lethargy is its favorite past time.

Obesity does not happen by chance. It is a product of your choices as to what to eat, how much and how often. It is the result of your choice to curl up in bed, a lot longer than necessary; to avoid exercise and to splurge on junk food. It does not happen overnight, but builds up with time.

Health professionals promote their usual recipe for good health: diet and exercise; however, nothing works like magic when one decides to lose weight. Since obesity is largely the result of your lifestyle choices and eating habits, weight loss should be pursued in the same way – by choice – again and again.

A lot have been written about diet pills, fruit diets and other weight loss programs, but regardless of what program you use, success is in keeping it. Losing weight should not be an on and off thing. Whatever program you choose, you should stick to it until your mirror shows you the results.

Acupuncture as a Weight Loss Therapy

Something “new” is causing a stir on the internet. It is a system of healing that originated in China, but brought to American shores by no less than former President Nixon. It is called “Chen” in Chinese, but perhaps you are familiar with its more popular name: “acupuncture”.

Yes, THE acupuncture.

No, it does not work like magic; in fact, licensed acupuncturists would advise you stick to a healthy diet and maintain your daily fitness routine for acupuncture to really work. The good thing is – it works!

Unlike other weight loss programs, acupuncture addresses not just the obesity problem, but also other toxins you harbor in your body. Imagine it as a two-edged laser sword – it cuts your cravings for more food while it treats your ailments, such as migraines, insomnia and depression. There have been claims of relief among drug dependents, too.

Needles and Stuff

I knew it! You wanted to ask about needles, right? Acupuncture DOES USE needles to stimulate 2,000 acupoints in your body. However, piercing and acupuncture are not one and the same. Acupuncture needles DO NOT wound the skin and cause bleeding.

The Tale of the Tape

When was the last time you saw your waistline at 22 inches? Of course, you age and muscles slack, but being obese has no excuse.

This major health concern affects both adults and children that no less than the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has pushed the alert button on this creepy “silent killer”.

Try Acupuncture

Exercise, meditation and diet are surefire formula to weight loss; however, you cannot expect success overnight. The potential of missing the mark is also great, since it is never easy to curb the craving for food.

This is where acupuncture works best. It also speeds up metabolism.

Over 50% of health professionals in the United States have given this Oriental medicine a thumb up; weight watchers keep a keen eye on acupuncture as a weight loss therapy, as more and more people have claimed positive results. Don’t just believe – try it!

6th Sense Health and Wellness Center was founded in Forsyth County in 1997 and provides massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, fitness training and herbal therapy. The company has been promoting natural health in the region since its inception and is active in the local civic and business community including the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce. To find out more, please visit www.6ths.com.

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