Volleyball Super Star Uses Massage Therapy to Keep the Competitive Edge

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Local Women’s Volleyball team from Wake Forest University.©Photo credit by/winstonareavb.com

This weekend we got a call from a concerned mom. She had called many of the local massage therapists but just could not find one that had a background in competitive athletics. The reason that she was so concerned was that her daughter Tammy (name changed as she is a minor) was doing sports tryouts at Wake Forest University, High Point University and Georgetown University for the next three days. Her mom realized that Sports Massage therapy helped her daughter recover faster and play better when she was on the court.

After a few adjustment in the schedule Nike Roach, MS, LMBT who has a background in competitive sports was called in. Mom was thrilled that her 17 year old was able to be ready for the game the next day.

One of the things that is not known by moms and dads is how effective massage can be for their rising stars. Most parents assume that massage is just a luxury or deployed in times when they themselves are in stress. However to the contrary Sports massage can be a great adjunct to other training programs. In fact the team at 6th sense has worked with young swimmers, runners, soccer players, basketball players, pro golfers, NFL linemen and even the occasional NASCAR athlete.

Regardless of if you are only 10 years old just starting out or 90 years old keeping the joints mobile on the golf course…. Chances are we can Absolutely help your game dramatically.

By Nike Roach, MS, LMBT

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