Vegan Recipes to Make Your Mouth Jump for Joy

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Hearts of Palm “Artichoke” Calamari

Different people have different choices for food. A few people have vowed to remain vegetarians and a few others vegans.

There is a group of people that don’t mind eating all kinds of food from meat to vegetables to seafood. So in all accordance to the choice of food, these people can be broadly divided into three groups.

  • Non-vegetarians

  • Vegetarians

  • Vegans

Vegans do not consume milk products or eggs let alone meat or animal based products.

Veganism includes not only eating plant based food but also using products made using plant products.

 Here are some vegan recipes which are cooked with only plant based products. Each of the recipes has some or the other replacement for products like eggs, cheese and so on.

1. Chickpea tuna salad sandwich– in this recipe the tuna is replaced with chickpea and seaweed flakes. This way you get the aroma and the taste of the sea too. The texture also is similar. So eating this dish you will not miss the actual tuna dish.

2. Tempeh Maki Rolls- tempeh, a soya bean based product is the replacement for fish in many dishes and Tempeh Maki Rolls is one such dish. Using this product the taste of the dish may not vary much and you are sure to get a satisfying meal.

3. Hearts of palm calamari– this recipe includes all plant based products and the calamari is replaced with hearts of palm. It makes for a crispy, delicious, light and flavorful dish which is devoured with relish even by the non-vegans.

4. Pancakes- made with Chia Seeds and mashed bananas the pancakes will taste awesome. This replacement is made for the eggs. Then the milk is replaced by soya milk.

5. Artichoke lobster rolls– this is a classic sandwich dish. Artichokes replace the lobsters. Mayonnaise which is egg based is replaced with vegan mayonnaise. The dish is given a touch of some seaweed flakes which gives the taste of the original dish.

6. Chocolate mousse– this dish is made using egg whites and the vegan dish is made by replacing it with Aquafaba, which is the liquid from the tin of chickpeas. It is made as it usually made. The whisking of Aquafaba is easier than the egg whites so it can be considered as a bonus.

7. Scrambled tofu– as you make scrambled eggs you can make this dish. Here the eggs are replaced with tofu, a product of soya beans. The texture and taste of the dish made using tofu do not differ much. Even the non-vegans may relish this dish with fervor.

These are a few recipes for people who have pledged not to consume any animal-based products or people who want to try a more plant-base recipes. Bon Appetit!

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