Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Get Massages Regularly

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You woke up with a sore neck, and you remembered getting a massage the last time you had it, and felt relieved afterwards. So, you would probably do it again, right?

“Band-aiding” your stiff joints and taut muscles with massage, by getting it only when you feel like it, is not getting back in full your money’s worth; in fact, you are short-changing your health!
Most people consider massage like they would an ice cream, or a burrito – only an indulgence; a guilty pleasure. They’re wrong! Setting a day each week for massage is putting money away for a good cause – your well-being (unless making your doctors a lot richer, is.) There are four major reasons why a regular massage should be an essential part of your total wellness program:

1. Massage is an Effective Stress Reliever. Ask everyone you know who goes to a massage clinic regularly, and you will hear this common answer: “to relieve my body of stress.”
Actually, nothing can prevent stress; it is as normal as the sun that rises in the east every morning. It’s simply the by-product of active and zealous living.

To protect your health, stress should be reduced at a level your body can handle. Massage is highly effective in relieving the following symptoms that always accompany stress at its breaking-point:
a. Sleep loss
b. Fatigue
c. Headaches
d. Low-grade fever
e. Body pains

2. Massage Improves Mood. Depression, sluggishness, or a sleepy brain indicates stress. Only a good massage can energize your brain naturally; to stay focused, or to be more alert.

3. Massage Hastens Recovery from Illness. The process of kneading or stroking the muscles, the body’s soft tissues, and even the joints promotes faster healing due to improved blood circulation, which carries with it all the nutrients you get from food, including your medicines.

“Having had 3 hip replacements, which caused tightening of my hip structure. I’ve been going to (6th Sense Health and Wellness Center) regularly. They have helped me gain flexibility in my hips, which has definitely helped my quality of life and my golf game. If you have a sport type injury can help you get back to your game”. — Lew Gerrard. 

4. Massage is Nature’s Painkiller. People all over the world have been abusing the word, ”instant.” When a pain occurs, everyone reaches for a painkiller to whisk the pain away, instantly – only to realize that they are on to a bigger problem. Addiction is far worse to deal with than ordinary body pains.

Massage has been proven to ease pain by natural means. As the body gets worked out of its tautness, it releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Instead of depending on over-the-counter drugs to deal with your aches instantly, but risk addiction over continued use, why not get on a massage table and allow your body’s natural defense system to do its job?
Here’s a word of caution though: pain is a symptom you should not ignore. To determine its underlying cause, it is highly recommended that you see a medical professional first, but in most cases, massage goes well with prescription medicine.

Massage That (Truly) Works
Massage therapy will make you feel good every time, but if you want to see great results, it should be done regularly. You would not scrimp on good health (yours), would you?

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