The Power of a Healing Touch

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Usually when you think of getting a therapeutic massage you think of releasing pent up tension, loosening up sore spots, and that beautiful relaxed glow that lingers over you long afterward.To be sure a good massage does that, but research has found that it also has so many more significant health benefits for you too.

Massage increases the blood cells that defend against disease, decreases the stress hormone cortisol, reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system helping you stay healthier overall.Massage improves your circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches, eases anxiety and can promote deeper easier breathing for people who suffer from respiratory conditions.

For patients rehabbing from injuries or recovering after surgical procedures a program of regular massage helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to heal the affected tissues and shortens recovery time.
They can relieve lower back pain, ease chronic tension in your neck, and improve posture.
For athletes looking for an edge, massages can increases joint flexibility and help muscles recover more quickly after workouts.

For mothers and expectant mothers massage has been shown to shorten and ease labor, shorten post delivery stays in the maternity hospital, and reduce stretch marks.The list of health benefits from massage is long but not surprising. considering that massages taps into one of the oldest, most effective, and incidentally least costly forms of healing available to humans–the power of touch.
With so many areas of improvement for so many different types of people, is it any wonder that the most popular massage choice is the year-long “12 Massage Package” at our online store.

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