The answer to “What’s eating you?” may be what you’re eating…

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Count yourself lucky if a loved one has ever noticed you’re having a difficult day and decided to ask you about it.  Perhaps, seeing the concern on your face, they asked… “What’s eating you?”

You may have shrugged it off and said, “I’m just not feeling my best.”  However, the true answer to what’s eating you may be what you’re eating…

In fact, 4- to 8-percent of people have at least one food allergy. The impact can range from the mostly irritating (literally inflammation and/or itchiness) to more significant (chronic diarrhea and/or low blood pressure) to life threatening.

If you’re in the majority of people without a food allergy, what you’re eating can still be sapping your wellness. The most common immediate symptoms are digestive problems while the long term impacts are the diseases related to chronic inflammation such as heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

Of course, you may feel more “sick and tired” of hearing how everything causes cancer or heart disease than you are actually “sick or tired” from the things linked to it. And that’s why there’s a new approach to wellness.

Rather than treat you as a “statistic”, the idea is to tailor wellness information to you by using your own experience and body.

The custom nutrition strategy is so personalized that it’s beyond the scope of any article to address perfectly for you; however, there is a way to get these benefits and for a limited time you can do so at no cost.

Here’s what a number of people are doing at 6th Sense:  When you call to schedule or confirm your next massage or other appointment, ask to have a one-on-one, nutrition consultation. It won’t be long and you will discover a lightning fast way to know exactly how your body responds to dozens of foods, food additives, and other substances you “consume”.

How about doing so right now, before you shut the window on this report.  Go ahead and call (336)723-4400

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