SixPoint™ Stretch – What It is and Why It’s Beneficial for You

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Are you an athlete looking for ways to improve your performance? Or, do you simply want to do something that will help keep your body agile and healthy? A SixPoint™ Stretch may just be the key to keeping your body ache-free and healthy.Years ago, only athletes are mostly able to reap the benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching. But, thanks to its rising popularity and accessibility m any individuals are now starting to see the benefits of assisted stretching. So, let’s delve in more about this latest health-boosting trend and find out why assisted stretching is good for you.

What is SixPoint™ Stretch?

SixPoint™ Stretch is a form of assisted stretching sometimes referred to as facilitated training. It is an emerging practice today where a trained practitioner works with a patient or client to perform various stretches. It was coined by clinical massage therapist Nike Roach while he studied Thai medical massage in Chiang Mia Thailand. These practitioners are professional individuals trained on how to ensure a stretch is done properly and more effectively. They are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to knowing how far to push their clients so that maximal resistance is attained and more muscles will be engaged during the stretching while ensuring the whole process is gentle and safe. With a gentle assisted stretching an individual can get into a stretching position or angle and accomplish a deeper stretch which would otherwise be difficult to achieve with the conventional self or independent stretching practice.

Why is SixPoint™ Stretch Good for You – Top 10 Benefits

With a trained massage practitioner’s assistance a greater number of muscles can be more effectively stretched and wider range of motion is achieved allowing more extensive stretches which provide for more efficient results that offer a range of benefits to the body.Below are ten of the top benefits one can get from practitioner-assisted stretching:

1. Assisted stretching can significantly enhance muscle flexibility and joint mobility.

2. It is a fantastic way to release stress and tension.

3. It offers pain relief particularly the common lower back, neck and shoulders pains.

4. It helps improve body posture by lengthening the tight muscles and loosening up your back and shoulder muscles responsible for poor posture.

5. Improve blood circulation.​

6. Improve muscular balance and coordination.

7. For athletes, assisted stretching aid in reducing common sports injuries.

8. Stretching helps ensure better oxygen flow and circulation which in turn helps increase your body’s stamina.

9. Need a boost of energy? Tight muscles can make us feel lethargic especially if your job confines you in a chair for hours. Assisted stretching can do wonders in improving energy levels and revitalizing your body.

10. Active stretching can potentially helps reduce your risk to various diseases as it promotes blood circulation. It can help in reducing cholesterol which is the main culprit of various heart diseases and stroke. Active stretching is also believed to aid in faster metabolism which is great for those who want to lose weight.

A SixPoint™ Stretch can offer tremendous benefits whether you are an athlete, a busy mom or dad, a business professional or a weekend office warrior. It helps improve mobility, flexibility and bump up your speed, endurance and agility allowing you to do more of the things that you love to do.To get started go to

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