Resolutions… maybe. Goals…. definitely!

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Resolutions… maybe. Goals…. definitely!

 This is the time of year when people tend to identify some things they want to change about themselves or their life and they make a “New Years Resolution”.

Let me go on the record as saying that I dislike New Years resolutions, for several reasons, but mainly for the fact that they tend to not last and, at least for me in the past, have been superficial. In practice, I like the idea of starting anew and pushing myself, but there is just something about a NY resolution that seems cheap. So this really got me thinking, as in the end, I am the sole party responsible for not keeping the resolution alive. Why are resolutions more likely to slip away and having  goals more attainable?


Goal: noun \ˈgōhl\ : the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

Resolution: noun \rez-uh-loo-shuh n\ : a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.


See? There’s a difference between goals and resolutions. Why is that? I feel it is because we make our resolutions too big, too general, and often unrealistic. Not giving ourself the tools or proper steps to keep the outcome real, beyond the achieved point or destination. The idea of getting up at 5am and exercising every day of the week starts off with good intentions but eventually life gets in the way and you are only able to go two days a week. Eventually, you stop going all together.


Determining the big picture is what the best leaders do, but you have to go through the process of collecting the skills and abilities to effectively lead. Taking on the mindset of a successful leader, you need to understand the tasks, how they come together in a plan that fulfills the objective, and how all the objectives together achieve a goal. There aren’t any shortcuts, you may have the ability to move through these categories more quickly than others, but make no mistake, you do need to go through the process. The process itself is what keeps you going, it is like muscle memory, it becomes part of your routine. And once something is apart of your routine, like lets say brushing your teeth in the morning, the practice does not take much thought.


When contemplating the New Year and all that it has in store for you keep a few things in mind:

  •           Make attainable goals that are meaningful to you and your family.
  •           Be specific enough to guide yourself into success.
  •           Keep in mind that our plans may change, as variables in life shift around. This is when growth happens… it is how you                 deal with those shifts that are key!


Here are a few examples, thoughts and ideas that I have played around with.

Resolution: Go to Hot Yoga 4 times a week


Goal: Be comfortable with my yoga practice so that I am able to be present in the class.

  •      Increasing my number of weekly practices (M,W,Sat) will allow me the freedom to be more comfortable in class, therefore I won’t get frustrated and look at the clock.
  •      Yoga is a great stress reliever for my mind body and spirt
  •      Plan accordingly for the day and pack clothes to go after work

Resolution: Volunteer


Goal: Become more active in my community

  •      Ask friends and family to join, as this will help me stay motivated
  •      Using my strengths, look into organizations that I could benefit the most
  •      Take a look at myself and see what my heart is saying


Goals are concrete and measurable. You can take the time to hope, dream and imagine a better life, but unless you actually create goals and decide how you will get them done, they will remain a wish.


Have a wonderful, happy, healthy and safe NEW YEAR!

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