New Acupuncture Research Shows That “Size Does (and Doesn’t) Matter”

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Recent research from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL has answered a question many have about who can benefit from acupuncture.

Specifically, it found that acupuncture is safe and effective for both adults and children.

Here’s their results reported on Men’s Journal:

A team of Western and Eastern medicine practitioners recruited children and teens who’d been miserable for months with chronic pain and gave them up to eight 30-minute treatments. Every [subject] reported having significantly less pain after receiving acupuncture. The greatest reductions came right away, after the first few sessions, but their pain continued dwindling throughout the trial. They didn’t have any adverse side effects from the treatments either, although a few described feeling slightly tired after a session.

Their parents also noticed big improvements in their children’s moods, social lives, and ability to focus at school.

As far as the effectiveness and suitability of acupuncture, “size doesn’t matter”. For the young and old, small and tall…this East meets West technology may be just the thing you need.

Before making a decision for you or a young one, the research did find a contrary result as well.

Size did matter in one respect–the acupuncture needle size.

As you can guess, many children were not thrilled at the prospect of what they imagined acupuncture might involve.

They built up images of hypodermic needles used to draw blood; however, since the needles used in acupuncture are less than one-sixth to one-tenth the size of the needles used in shots, most of the children felt nothing. A few felt a gentle warm sensation or a slight pinch that quickly went away.

Acupuncture has been shown to help with a large number of conditions, as well as, improving one’s immune system. Additionally, there is one surprising benefit that may be wasted on the “young”…

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