Massage from 6th Sense Wellness Helps Orphans in Belize get a Proper Education

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Many years ago 6th Sense was inspired by the story of Momma Leoni. You see in Belize many of the kids were running abandon with little means to get off the street and little support from government types. Rather than wait and see Momma Leoni took it upon herself to shelter these kids and feed them and provide a loving environment. The problem was that she had little funding to do anything. With Faith and others like you, the home was opened up.

The kids have food and shelter but lack the means to get a proper education. In our country many take education for granted but in a poor country like Belize, education is life. Education is opportunity. Education is helping generation.

The leaders at 6th Sense partnered with other business owners to commit that we would help in whatever capacity we could.This week momma Leoni was in Winston Salem with 11 of her kids showing them what education can provide for them. She along with our friend and client Tammy Watson have been sharing stories locally for people looking for something with real heart.

For our client part, we donate a portion of all our massages to help organizations like Kingdom Children Home. So in a strange sort of a way every time you relieve the stress in your neck and back, you relieve the stress of many other families struggling to get a good education.

To learn more about the Kingdom Children’s Home project visit the official site of King’s Ransom Foundation that leads this project. Also keep in mind when prompted to donate to specify that you want your donation to be allocated to the “Kingdom Children’s Home Project in Belize”.

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