Is Washington Politics Making You Sick?

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It has been proven time and time again that worrying too much and for too long can manifest itself as physical sickness. With the current state of US politics, it is no surprise that there are some people who are worrying more than ever. Every day they are greeted with the news of what the President has said this time, and the destruction and negative aftermath that followed. There is a lot going on and a lot of tragedies happening, so it is not shocking that a lot of the nation is getting very worried about the future. Unfortunately, this may be causing more sick days than anyone realizes.

To worry is a form of stress, and it can have multiple negative effects on your health, especially if you never give yourself a break from it. If you are a constant worrier, you can cause yourself some real emotional damage that will also eventually come with some serious physical effects as well.

Worrying causes stress hormones, and is the accumulation of these that will start producing negative things in your body. Your glands, nervous system and your heart can all be afflicted and this can end up causing heart disease, ulcers, and increase your risk of a heart attack. Other less serious symptoms can include back pain, constipation, headaches and muscle tension. You will also open yourself and become more susceptible to infectious diseases as the constant worry weakens your immune system.

Worrying may also disturb your peace of mind, it can cause lack of sleep, cause you to isolate yourself socially and even coax you into a depression. Worry differs from fear in that when you fear something, there is a concrete obstacle in your way. Excessive worry can make everything feel like a threat, and cause anxiety and panic attacks to come on.

There is no denying the effect that excessive worry can have on our minds as well as our bodies, so it is in your best interest to stop worrying so much about what is going on in Washington. The politics might literally be making you sick, but there are ways to avoid this, if you know what the real problem is.

It is also winter time and there is not a lot of sunshine available; this does not help the situation. A lack of sunshine may also contribute to increased illness frequency. One of the first things it can do to some, is pull them into a depression as things around them start looking and feeling dreary. Depression itself can cause a whole list of physical problems.

Something that might be beneficial is to get a massage. Put your mind and body fully at ease, and become more positive and proactive about your thoughts. If you constantly think negativity, that is what will manifest in your life. Alternatively, if you think good and positive thoughts, this is what you will begin to experience.

There are a few other solutions you can try – one being more exercise. Try to get out there and move your body a little bit, without watching the news. Don’t let your mind be bogged down by how dark it is outside and what is happening in the world. Following a healthier diet will make you feel better,as well as provide extra energy. Leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables are good places to start when trying to add good things to your diet.

Drinking more water is also a good idea. Most people tend to think they are drinking enough water but they aren’t – our bodies need more than we sometimes think! Lastly, try to improve and regulate your sleep schedule. Our bodies heal when we sleep, so give your body the time it needs to heal you.​

Finally if you feel that your worry is having serious effects on your lifestyle, contact your mental health counselor or your doctor as there may be clinical issues that need addressing. The President will more than likely to continue to say things that may make us concerned but you can guared your mind and body for a healthier you.

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