Is the Secret to Making Your Child A Math Wiz In Your Hands?

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Is your Child ready for this years math challenge

Chances are high your child will become the next Albert Einstein. Alright, that might be a bit of a stretch to you. You’ll just settle for an A on the next math text, if that’s not asking for too much. It’s possible, of course. The potential is there. And the power – it’s in your own hands. Quite literally as a matter of fact.

You just need to give your kid a bit of a nudge to get them performing at their highest level of potential. Perhaps, not so much a nudge. Rather, a massage.

The answer? Massage therapy.

Old wives’ tale? No. There is the research to back it up.

A study was conducted involving 26 adults and 24 adults placed in a control group. A chair massage was given to the first group of 26. The 24 adults that were part of a control group were given the instructions to sit in a massage chair for 15 minutes twice a week. This would last for 5 weeks.

EEG was monitored before, during, and after the massage sessions that took place on the first and last day. Math questions, the POMS Depression test, State Anxiety Scales, and a saliva test for cortisol were administered before and after the sessions.

The results?

  1. Both groups were more relaxed.
  1. The group of 26 that received a massage – let’s call them group #1 for easy reference –showed decreased frontal alpha and beta power. Basically, group #1 was more alert. The control group showed increased alpha and beta power.
  1. Now, the math questions. Group #1 did well. They showed increased speed and accuracy. But sadly, the control group saw no difference.
  1. The overall mood state was less depressed for both groups. However, group #1 experienced lowered anxiety levels. But not the control group.
  1. On the first day, group #1 saw lowered cortisol levels in their saliva after the massage. The control group saw no difference.
  1. After the 5-week period, group #1 and the control group both saw lower depression scores. In the case of job stress – it was only lower for group #1.

What does this tell us?

Long story short, massage therapy will help:

  • reduce anxiety levels
  • make you more alert (enhanced EEG patterns)
  • make you better at math

What does this mean? You now know the secret. Actually, you have the power within you – to make your kid the most adorable little math genius in his class.

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