Is it True that Color Can Have an Impact on Your Health?

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Nike Roach of 6th Sense Health and Wellness Centers learning about colors from Terri Watkins of Spinfrog while visiting Piedmont Craftsmen

We don’t often discuss the impact colors in our world can have on our health and wellness. Colors can be as impactful on our mood and health as verbal and nonverbal communication with a colleague or friend.

Did you know that every emotion and mood is associated with a color? For example, we often associate passion and love with vibrant reds, thank you Valentine’s Day. Or we associate blacks with spookiness or creepiness, thank you Halloween! But do we associate all colors with moods?

We subconsciously interpret colors and their meanings every day to better understand the world around us.

Colors effect different people differently. We know that the primary colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and secondary colors (orange, purple, green) impact mood and energy levels in people, regardless of cultural background, the same ways.

There is a great article on this topic on that talks about what colors to paint the rooms in your house. Red increases appetite so in the dining area makes sense and is very common, whereas lavender is calming, so you may paint your bedroom or family room a lavender color.

But how do these moods effect our health?

Studies done at Cornell University and at the University of California have linked laughter to stress relief which in turn lowers blood pressure and the possibility of stroke or heart attack. Studies have even gone so far to show that laughing a good belly laugh 100 times a day is equivalent of a 15 minute aerobic workout. I will take that exercise challenge on any day!

So how do we use color to stimulate laughter? Yellow is linked to joy and happiness, I am convinced that is why sunflowers are yellow. This joy and happiness puts you in a prime state of mind for laughter, so I would say have the room of your house that you wish to enjoy the most laughter have yellow accents.

Avoid yellow in the dining room though as it can cause high emotions and sometimes dinner conversations can get heavy instead of happy and you don’t what a high emotion to ruin a good meal. But yellow accents in the living room or family room is a great way to encourage happiness and laughter.

In another study done at the Institute of Heart Math on mood and health, show that those who are truly grateful for things or people in their life daily bolster their immune system, reduce blood pressure, and speed healing through their body. Feelings of gratitude can also be encouraged through color.

Pink and orange are commonly associated with thankfulness, sensitivity, and generosity. So if you are wanting to bolster your immune system and speed healing in your body, consider accenting the rooms of your home with oranges and pinks.

A great way to accent your home with colors to encourage better mood and better health is through art work. Beautiful art that speaks to you or members of your family can be great additions to the home as conversation pieces as well as mood altering effects. If you are looking for some art work that can bring you joy, contact SpinFrogs, they love connecting people with the art community and often do paintings and sculptures for individuals as requested.

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