Is It Ok To Get A Massage After The Death Of A Loved One

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Death of a loved one is one of the most painful and saddest moments of anyone’s life. But we need to understand that like birth, death is a fact of life. The sooner we understand this and carry on with our life the better it would be for our overall well-being. People do many things to overcome such personal loss. Some go on a trip. Some report directly back to work. Some take up cooking or baking classes. Some get a massage. And, is it ok to do such things? Why not? These are all ways to make you come to terms with the tragedy. These are all diversions that give some “me time” to pause and reflect.

When we are sad, a hug or holding hands, all provide the much needed touch that comforts and soothes our frayed nerves. A personal loss leaves a person emotionally and physically drained. At such times a massage does what hugging or holding hands does. It provides comfort. It soothes the mind as well as the body. The massage therapist through the constant movement of tips of his/her fingers on your body relaxes your muscles. Once the body is relaxed the mind starts its self-healing process. In fact, some scientists have even come up with a massage therapy to overcome loss and cope with bereavement.

Benefits of massage

  • By massaging on the shoulders, neck and back side, pain and tension is relieved.

  • If a person is feeling depressed, massage promotes feelings of well-being.

  • Full body massage helps a person to sleep better.

  • Massage also can lessens the frequency of headaches.

  • Massage has shown to improve the appetite of a person.

  • Massage helps in the release of a wellness hormone called oxytocin. This hormone has positive effect on the emotional health of a person.

Massage gives you seclusion. It provides you with a roomful of privacy. During bereavement, sometimes it becomes a strain to be surrounded by people and telling them constantly that you’re fine. Massage provides the opportunity to be with an unknown, professional person with whom you can be yourself. It does not require unnecessary communication. You are left alone with your thoughts. It’s almost like meditation which brings peace to your mind. Massage has the added advantage of making your body wholesome again.

Generally, after such a loss a person starts neglecting themselves. They either stop eating or socialising, basically stop taking care of themselves. Massage is actually a first step in the direction of self-care. It makes you aware of yourself as an individual. It increases your self-worth. It makes you feel confident and gives you strength to face any situation.

Though massage and techniques like this are ways to help you deal with your grief and stress they are not fool proof methods that would guarantee to take away your sorrows. They are like a walking stick. It helps you to walk but it is you who would have to take the first step. Hence, go ahead and do things that would help your body, mind and soul positively.

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