Introducing Dr. Catherine Browne of Acupuncture; Specializing in Pain and Women’s Health

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Dr. Catherine Browne, DAOM, l.Ac. has begun practicing at 6th Sense Health and Wellness located at 1012 Brookstown Ave, Winston-Salem, NC. Dr Browne has 20 years of acupuncture experience and is one of only a handful of licensed acupuncturists who have a doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine in North Carolina. Additionally, she has over thirty years’ experience as a medical herbalist and is one of less than a dozen professional registered herbalists in the state of North Carolina. She is the author of the book Kick Your Opioid Dependency Naturally available at Amazon this month.

When I began my doctorate program in 2014 there were only 4 schools with accredited programs in the U.S. Unfortunately, all four programs were on the west coast; this meant that I had to commute to California to complete the two-year program.” She goes on to explain, “The acupuncture accreditation commission recognized that there was a growing demand for acupuncturists in hospitals but they wanted doctorate level candidates for the positions. Many hospitals in major city centers now employ licensed acupuncturists; this is not just a west coast thing either as hospitals and medical facilities in the greater Raleigh and Charlotte area employ acupuncturists.”

Dr. Browne chose Five Branches University in San Jose as it is famous for flying-in the grand masters from China to teach. One such tutor was Dr. Shi, M.D. who oversees a 600-bed facility specifically treating stroke patients in China with acupuncture and western medicine. “I previously had training in acupuncture and herbs for stroke recovery, but this specialized training took my skills to a whole new level,” she says. Her acupuncture experience came from years of integrative practice with M.D.s at a Pain and Rehab Clinic and a Hormonal Balancing Clinic near Charlotte. “This made the Five Branches program even more appealing because two of the specializations available were Pain Management and Women’s Health allowing me to further sharpen my craft.”

She shared that she especially loves the complicated pain cases such as psoriatic or rheumatoid arthritis and assisting patients recovering from surgery to wean off of opioids. “With the government mandating reduced application of opioids for pain, it is a very good time to be able to assist those suffering. Beyond pain reduction, the herbs and acupuncture are especially helpful to calm the mind and reduce symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal”, she explains.

When she is not caring for patients, Dr. Browne is busy helping her husband remodel a hundred-year-old barn on her property in Yadkin county; presently she is busy carrying out the old pieces of wood that are being stacked and will be repurposed. She is not new to the concepts of “repurposing” and of the “green movement” as she spent sixteen years as an organic herb farmer beginning in 1983. While her farming days are behind her, she still makes custom Chinese herb formulas for her patients out of certified organic herbs.

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