How Massage May Help with Loneliness

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Loneliness is a sort of epidemic spreading fast in the modern-day society. And while for some people it’s not a big deal and they are comfortable with the feeling, the others can suffer greatly from it and even experience unfortunate consequences. The reasons behind loneliness can be different, and there can be plenty of them. Stress, anxiety, depression – some of the factors that can easily make you feel lonely and abandoned.

Every day we have to deal with a great variety of problems which negatively affect our mental state thus causing stress and anxiety. They, in turn, can cause depression, and loneliness now is just around the corner. Even if you chose it in the first place, it can eventually affect your mood and mental health and even lead to unfortunate physical conditions.

Various surveys and studies demonstrate that use of social media, modernity, poor health stand behind loneliness. In terms of science, mind and body are separated, and loneliness is classified as a mental condition, just like depression and anxiety. It is recommended to take the therapy that should improve your mental condition.

However, sometimes concentrating on mental condition, we tend to forget that some of them can actually be treated physically. Sure, the “talk” can help, having someone to share your worries with, but we forget how helpful a physical touch can be in this situation.

Massage Therapy to Treat Loneliness

Massage therapy brings positive outcomes to mind and body health and through the power of touch, it becomes an additional effective way to treat mental health issues. Many people still believe that massage therapy is only effective in treating physical pain. However, AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) study shows that massage therapy is considered by the public as a beneficial treatment for overall mind and body health and well-being.

Besides, according to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, massage therapy is considered to be a great tool in fighting depression, anxiety and a feeling of isolation.

If we think of anxiety as a symptom of a repulsed nervous system, massage can help treat it by balancing the nervous system. The physical signs of anxiety can be reflected in pain, tension, discomfort, etc. Massage can help stimulate the pressure and receptors of the skin thus balancing the nervous system.

The changes will happen in the body, emotions, and biochemistry sending sings to your body and making it feel relaxed. Once your muscles relax, the blood circulation increases and improves the lymph flow depriving you of migraines and pain.

Massage therapy may not completely deprive you of your feeling of loneliness but will surely help ease it. Anxiety can cause multiple problems in the body including depression and a feeling of isolation so, by treating anxiety, you can treat your loneliness as well. Getting a massage therapy on a regular basis can significantly improve your overall well-being and treat your mental conditions.


Nike Roach MS, LMBT is a former US ARMY Combat Medic, Husband, Father of three healthy boys, Co-Founder, Chief Wellness Officer of 6th Sense Wellness Group, and a 25+ year health and wellness advocate for improved outcomes in patient care.

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