The following are the herbology services we offer. Herbology is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice Designed to Target Specific Illnesses for Individual Patients


Herbology Consultation

Herbology is the art of combining medicinal herbs, and is one of the more important modalities utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbology treatments are often combined with Acupuncture for increased benefits. Each herbal medicine prescription is a cocktail of many herbs tailored to each individual. Remedies are designed using one or two main ingredients which target the illness, and then the practitioner adds other ingredients so that the formula is catered to the patient’s needs or specific condition.

Shirodhara Oil Treatment

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation technique which is designed to pacify and settle the mind. Warm, calming oil is poured in a steady stream over the center of the forehead and can be used to calm anxiety, alleviate feelings of tension and stress, relieve insomnia, help with mental clarity, improve focus, and to benefit other mental and nervous conditions.

Sesame oil is frequently used, and can be infused with herbs in order to help focus and calm the mind. These treatments have also been shown to benefit the hair and scalp of recipients.