Healthy and Legal Benefits of CBD

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There is a common belief among a lot of people that CBD is another way to get high and relaxed. Well, it’s easy to get into this thought since the name suggests it clearly: CBD – cannabidiol. Canna… cannabis… marijuana? Well, yes and no. Despite the common misunderstanding, CBD isn’t marijuana and won’t get you high. In fact, it’s a substance that got so popular recently, and it does possess a range of useful qualities.

So, what is cannabidiol or CBD? CBD is one of multiple (104 to be exact) active components found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. Although it is found in hemp type of plants, it doesn’t cause any mind-altering effects. Basically, it won’t get you high as TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol) would, but can help you relax. (TCH is another active component of cannabis that actually causes the “high” sensation).

There have been various studies conducted on the use and effects of CBD, and so far, none of them showed that the component causes any abuse or dependence effect. According to the World Health Organization, no health-related problems caused by CBD have been discovered.

Is CBD Legal In North Carolina?

The CBD products come in different forms and from various sources (say, hemp or marijuana) which makes its legal status not 100% clear. At the level of federal government, CBD is considered a Schedule 1 drug because it is present in cannabis and marijuana. Schedule 1 drug classification refers to the substances that have a high potential for abuse and to create phycological and physical dependence.

However, all 50 states have different requirements, laws, and regulations concerning CBD and the laws keep constantly changing. For the purpose of medical use, CBD can be bought in 46 states, while it’s completely legal in four.

So, in North Carolina, this drug has been decriminalized, meaning that you can have a certain amount of marijuana on you without getting arrested. Surely, the purpose must be proven. CBD in NC is legal for the patients with intractable epilepsy and is supposed to be made from hemp extract to be legally used.

The Health Benefits of CBD

CBD has multiple health benefits, but the most notable one is its effect on treating the worst childhood epilepsy symptoms that don’t respond to anti-seizure medications. Some studies show that it helps reduce the seizures, some that they could be stopped completely.

Also, CBD is believed to be an effective medication to lower anxiety and the symptoms of depression. Another benefit of CBD is that it can help patients who suffer from insomnia by making both falling asleep and staying asleep easier.

CBD can also be used to treat various types of pain and inflammation. According to the study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, it can help lower inflammatory and neuropathic pain being applied on the skin. This study has used an animal model, and more studies involving humans are to be conducted.

There are still more qualities of CBD that require more research, but the results are being published rapidly and show more benefits of CBD rather than side effects. So, according to the existing results, CBD has all chances to become a revolutionary natural medication capable to treat a wide variety of conditions.


Nike Roach MS, LMBT is a former US ARMY Combat Medic, Husband, Father of three healthy boys, Co-Founder, Chief Wellness Officer of 6th Sense Wellness Group, and a 25+ year health and wellness advocate for improved outcomes in patient care.

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