Have You Been Lied to About Weight Loss? The Truth Revealed

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Personal Trainer and Coach Liz Hronek speaking with Nikki Roach about Strength Training


“Fat as a pig!”
“Big ass as a barrel!”

How many people have been called these names because of their weight? And how would one supposedly react?

Meet Liz Hronek

Liz Hronek was no stranger to bullying as a child, and were it not for her inner circle of family and friends who tried to cushion her from the impact of name calling, she would have had a very disillusioned childhood.

Yet, there was no real hurt-proofing a child who is obese. Some children are just nasty, and taunting always has a way of getting to its victim. Even Liz took refuge in a child’s rhyme that says, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.’ the name-calling still got into her.

Luckily, her unwavering support system had her back, and she was able to weather the storms of insults and degradation, through several coaching programs on how to lose weight. However, the results were as short as Liz’s temper whenever her bathroom scale shows discouraging results.

But what truly made Liz “fly off the handle,” was when she got pregnant, without even noticing it! She was so used to seeing herself big in front of the mirror that she mistook her pregnancy for fat, until the day before her delivery! True story.

Imagine the unhappiness Liz had to endure while growing up. Her self-worth diminished as the figures on her bathroom scale continued to rise. Good that finally, she was introduced to strength training.

Strength Training: Not Just Another Weight Loss Program

Weight loss gets a “face lift,” and this time the internet is all agog over strength training and how it can keep the extra pounds off for good. Unlike other weight loss programs that came and went without a whimper because they were just one and the same promises, strength training delivers more than what is ordinarily expected from a weight loss regimen.

As most weight loss programs cater specifically to just burning calories and reducing body fat to put back the curves or the abs, strength training is a shot-on-the arm for overall good health, with its two-pronged approach: first, it builds muscle and bone mass for a stronger you; second, as an indirect result of building up and strengthening muscles and bones, you burn calories and reduce fat.

Not a Quick Fix

Strength training is not a quick fix though; losing weight does not happen overnight, but when you keep at building up your muscles and strengthening your bones, you gain control over fat build-up. You burn calories as you go.

And unlike other weight loss programs that cater mainly to specific age groups, strength training is physical exercise for everyone, regardless of age.

Liz Today

When Liz got on strength training, she lost 150 pounds. That was not the good news. Since she started working out with barbells, dumbbells, and other resistance equipment regularly, Liz has kept off the fat. There is no “yo-yo” results with strength training. And that’s the good news!

“Healthy weight loss.” That’s how proponents of strength training calls the program. It works by using resistance to contract the muscles. And as the muscles contract, strength is built. Strength training also help to prevent osteoporosis.

Today, Liz advocates strength training as a means to losing weight. Coupled with a good massage, you will surely be on the way to a slimmer, healthier you!

To learn more about strength training designed specifically for you, contact Liz Hronek at http://www.lizfitlife.com/

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