Fun Ways to be More Successful at Work (that actually Work

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Do you want to be successful, but find yourself struggling? Do you need a new, fun way to improve your success that will actually work? We can help thanks to some great ideas from Shawn Achor, all about how to be happy and successful the fun way. So sit back and soak up the knowledge as we tell you a little about Shawn’s system. According to his research, happier people are visibly more successful, so Shawn strives to make people happier.

Rather than being happy once you achieve success, achieve success because you’re happy

We’ve all thought or said a similar thing at some point in our lives: “I’ll be much happier once I get that raise;” “Everything will fall into once I get that new job.” We’ve become so wrapped up in the routine of life that we forget that these things don’t lead to permanent happiness, but rather temporary happiness. Shawn’s proven that if, rather than focusing on the next step to success, you focus on improving your happiness, your success just corresponds. The key to building your happiness, is boosting your optimism.

Success can’t wholly be predicted by aptitude tests

There’s a lot that goes into what makes a successful person successful, so it makes sense that a lot more than just aptitude tests would go into trying to predict how successful a person will be. According to Shawn, success comes from those with a healthy mixture of optimism, their social connection, and the way stress is perceived. Someone needs to feel like what they’re doing matters at a job, have a fulfilling and well-rounded social life, and handle stress admirably in order to achieve success.

Take on new challenges, rather than be threatened by problems

As we’ve stated, success is a lot more about how you perceive things than some magic talent some are born with and others aren’t. Being threatened by changes and problems can easily lead to a downfall in your success. By not handling the issue well, you put your success and your job in danger. If you see each problem as a new and exciting challenge, rather than be threatened or angered by the problem, you’ll be more able to tackle any problem that comes your way, making you a better commodity for your company.

If you work harder, you need more friends

If you have a ridiculous amount of work to complete, you need a stress relief. You need friends to help you relax and take the edge off. The more work you need to do, the more play you need to add into your schedule to help you compensate for the straight.

If you’ve been looking for a more fun path to success, look no further than Shawn Achor’s awesome system. These few steps can help you improve your happiness, thus improving your success. Happier people are scientifically proven to have a higher chance of success.

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