Do You Feel Neglected by Your Boss?

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L-R Tim Jones and Tammy Watson of Wilkinson ERA , Nikki Roach, 6th Sense Health and Wellness Centers


Yesterday Nike Roach stopped in the Winston Salem office of Wilkinson and Associates ERA Realty for a tour of their new office location on the corner of Broad and Fourth Street. The appointment was scheduled for 9:15 and the host Tammy Watson was going to be the tour guide. Like many in her profession she was running late taking personal care of a client.

Says Mr. Roach, “We’ve known Tammy in many other capacities including mother, wife, and champion for the poor, Top Performing real estate agent, and also one of our massage therapy clients”. She generally comes in when time permits or the pain in her neck/back gets to the point where it affects her life. In her absents, managing partner and Broker in Charge, Tim Jones shared how he loves his new position and how he really looks for creative ways to take care of his agents and his support staff.

A few years back the real estate market was in a tumultuous season. The real estate/banking bubble just burst and people were scared. Real estate agents were getting out of the industry because people stopped purchasing houses in droves. It was hard for agents to make an income. Through it all those agents that took care of themselves and their people tended to do ok. In fact some thrived including Tammy because she not only took care of her real estate clients, she also learned from her mentor Dani Johnson, how to take care of her people.
If you are a leader in your company do you take care of your people?

Do you offer them soft benefits that will enhance their experience? In talking with Tim, he shares that he is committed to taking care of his support staff with benefits and 100% commission for his agents. In fact right there on the spot he agreed to purchase massage appointments for his office manager Brandy Phillips and the most important woman in his life, wife Tara. Oddly enough it’s not surprising that business leaders do not include their spouse as the most important support staff.

Massage can be a welcomed addition to any benefits program. Forbes in a recent article cited the top 5 reasons for adding massage to any benefit program including;
1. Help spark creative ideas.
2. help reduce pain and even boost your immune system
3. increase your productivity
4. help you sleep better
5. reduce stress symptoms
Source: Forbes online, 5 Reasons Executives Should Schedule a Massage Today

When asked, what employees like most about working for a particular company; surprisingly it was not the pay. It was feeling that the leaders demonstrated appreciation in actions and words. Locally and nationally small and large organizations demonstrate care and if you will…love of their staff. Companies like Google, Amazon, and even Facebook have all instituted a staff benefits program to included onsite seated massage therapy or full body session to ease those tired muscle and enhance the mind.

Wakes Forest University student counseling center for many years enlisted the help of 6th sense Health and Wellness center in the spring to provide seated massage for its counselor, interns and support staff. Originally initiated by Mrs. Katie McBroom, the massage therapist show up on cue to help the mental health professionals who are working with students just before spring break. An especially stressful time of year for faculty, staff and students. Thanks to leaders like Department chair Dr James Raper, the event has continued for many seasons.

Do you work for an organization looking for measurable and novel ways to improve the bottom line? Do you feel that massage therapy or other healthy ideas can improve the overall mood of the working environment? Give 6th Sense Health and Wellness a call today to see if it’s a good fit for you.

One final note; to make sure that not only their team takes advantage of healthy practices, Tammy Watson who also serves as the Lead Trainer and Recruiter has initiated a healthy training session for both their team and other real estate agents in the area. To learn more about the next session contact the Winston Salem office for Wilkinson Real Estate ERA directly.

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