Cupping In The Olympics

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During the Rio Olympics 2016 Michael Phelps received a lot of attention due to the round marks on his body, but thankfully they were not down to ill health or injury. In fact it was the opposite and the marks were as a result of an age old therapy known as cupping. Whether you are recovering from the Recent Winston Salem Open, getting ready for your own Olympic event or just walking by our office at 1012 Brookstown Ave, chances are cupping will work for you too! The benefits of cupping range from sore muscles to chronic pain, headaches and even as an alternative to antiviral medications.

Over the past few years alternative therapies have been seen more and more in the media. Cupping was originally used as part of Oriental treatment and although may look painful, is actually described as being a pleasurable experience. The earliest recordings of this therapy dates back to 300 AD. It is basically a special technique where by a sucking device is applied to the skin such as a glass cup or bamboo jar and it is then heated, however the heat source (usually a flame) does not touch the skin at all only removes the air to create the sucking. The suction created then lightly lifts the skin and outer muscle so that rather than pushing muscle in like a massage it is drawn out. The cups are then left for around ten minutes allowing the patient to relax and then removed.

Most cupping is also combined with acupuncture but in some cases is used on its own. The pressure of the suction allow muscles to loosen and increase blood glow which can help lower blood pressure, relieve stiffness and pains, alleviate anxiety and fatigue and even help with cellulite. The art of cupping is a specialist therapy where by the cups are applied to the five meridian lines. This can help to relax and give what is known as a free flowing life force (qi). Many people who use cupping experience a release of toxins, blockages and even arteries and veins can get the refresh they need so long as the cups are applied within four inches of the problem.

People with lung problems can also find benefit from cupping as it can help to clear congestion from asthmatics and people suffering from coughs and colds. This was one of the first uses of cupping and it is noted that it was used to treat tuberculosis regularly. To book for your cupping therapy visit to find out about this and other alternative therapies that can help you feel and look your best without the need for surgery and medications.

The secret of the ancients and the stars is now yours for the taking. Imagine being able to free yourself or reduce the amount of medication you are currently taking in exchange for a relaxing therapy with results that can last for months! have already helped many of their clients to achieve wellness through their therapies so what are you waiting for. Book your next Cupping session!

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