Comedy is the Weapons of the Weak.

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Many of us love comedy because it gives us a chance to relax and release pent up pain. We like comedians because they make fun of the things that can make us cry. Being oppressed, being poor, being overlooked, and being unpopular. Many of them are now legions. Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and even the foul mouth Redd Foxx have made us laugh about racism, sexism, homophobia, and even God.

What’s sort of not so funny is how so many of them had so much pain in their lives. They had to battle through pain, get arrested and fight their own demons to perfect their craft. What’s remarkable is that the reason we can roll their names off our tongue so easily is because they never gave up. Lenny Bruce was arrested by Mayor Daley of Chicago for his comedy…yet he pushed on. Richard Pryor grew up in the brothel run by his grandmother and worked by his mother..Yet he pushed on. Joan Rivers was catcalled off stage…yet she pushed on.

The reality is that nothing great is ever easy to build. Not comedy careers, not a marriage, not health, not even a Massage Therapy #business. Sometimes its funding you need, sometimes it’s mentorship, sometimes you just need more pain to get that idea out of you and into the hands of your customers or in case of comedy other people’s ears.

I can’t say that the road will be smooth but I can lessen some of the pain in our muscles. In fact I have a service designed to help you stretch, ease your mind and release the pain. To grab a peek go to

Remember legends are born from adversity. We name streets, college dorms, and even holidays for those that struggled. You are a legend in the making and no matter what, don’t ever give up. Giving up is NOT an option. Nike Roach, MS. LMBT is husband to the magnificent Nikki, father of three active boys, health and wellness coach, clinical massage therapist, business leader, and author. An active member of the business community Mr. Roach always finds time to spend with his family, friends, and loved ones.

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