Can Sweating Improve Your Health?

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Turns out sweaty face, sweaty hand, or sweaty underarms isn’t gross. Why would it be? Its natural and you can’t stop perspiring – I mean, why else we have 4 million sweat glands in our body? It is the ultimate proof that we are all ‘walking aircon’ – as the Science teachers say.

Need more reasons as to why that sheen on your forehead is actually good for your health? Read on.

Benefits of Sweating

1. You are dead if you don’t sweat: Sweat glands exist to regulate our body temperature. That said, did you know that humans overheat in less than 15 minutes if they don’t sweat?

2. Sweat can make you happy: Sounds unbelievable? Hear what Emma E.A Cohen et al says in their 2009 study – synchronized exercises increase the secretion of ‘feel-good endorphins’ (read: smile, smile come again!)

3. You don’t need another detoxifier: Yes, every time you sweat your body flushes out excess salt, toxins, alcohol, and cholesterol to name a few. You know what to do next time you have a hangover, right 

4. Sweat hydrates the skin: You may ask, how on earth? Urea present in your sweat act as a moisturizer whereas the fatty sebum forms a protective hydrating layer.

5. Protects from infection: Forget about the antibiotics. Your sweat contains dermcidin, the natural antibiotic that can kill anything from E.coli to fungi. Strong reason, huh.

6. Sweat reduces menopause symptoms: Wish to get rid of that irritating menopausal hot flashes? Hit the gym and get sweaty.

7. Boosts your strength and reduces cramps: The more you sweat, the better your body conserves sodium in the cells. If you aren’t aware, loss of too much sodium is one of the reasons behind cramps, fatigue, and poor stamina.

8. Sweat helps with healing: Cuts and bruises – they are part of our lives, literally. Scientists say the stem cells present in sweat glands, eccrine glands to be specific, promote skin regeneration and renewal at a much faster pace.

Alright, so maybe you won’t mind sweating quite often now, right?

But are you ready to ditch those deodorant bottles you’ve stashed in the beauty cabinet? If not, please read on.

We all love to smell (and look) good! However, this ‘smell-good practice’ clogs the sweat glands in your armpit with a chock-full of chemicals – talc, triclosan, silica, paraben, Steareth-n, propylene glycol, and aluminum. The result – you won’t sweat for a longer time (think of all the benefits you read a few seconds ago!). What ends up happening, is the disruption of the natural microbiota and onset of skin allergies to cancer. In fact, some argue that accumulation of aluminum may result in Alzheimer’s disease – further studies are needed as there isn’t much evidence that science can link to it.

Bottom line: As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, that sheen on your forehead is good and healthy. But remember: sweating is not always good. Abnormal or excessive sweating may be a sign of other underlyinghealth problems.

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