Can Professionals Benefit from Nurtured Mother Massage

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When some professionals become pregnant it can go one of two ways: flowers and love-hearts or tears and distress. Regardless of how you got there; two or three months down the line the reality of the situation becomes all too real. As your shape starts to change so does your confidence, so does the list of worries in your head and so does your body’s needs. As your pregnancy goes on nurtured mother massage is an excellent way to provide relief to your aching body… but that’s not all it does.

So what else can Nurtured Mother Massage Do?

Besides the relaxation benefits, there is a lot to be said for taking the weight of your feet at the massage parlor. We scoured the internet to find some of the best benefits that nurtured mother massage gives you – and compiled them all here for your attention!

Benefit Number 1 – Nurtured Mother Massage Reduces Stretch Marks!

This tip came from the National Health Service in the UK. According to two separate studies, they found that nurtured mother massage goes some way into preventing stretch marks from occurring around your belly. Stretch marks happen when the body puts on a lot of extra weight in a short period of time and the skin literally stretches to keep up. Massage can health preserve the elasticity of the skin and gently soothe it into place, avoiding the trauma that stretch marks put you through.

Benefit Number 2 – Reduced Pain and Swelling!

Pain in the back, in the hips, in the joints, swelling of the ankles, feet or toes – all of these are common pregnancy symptoms. However, American Pregnancy tells us that prenatal massage helps soothe these aches and pains that, when added together, can become gradually unbearable. Pain can be the result of muscle tensions which massage relaxes. Likewise, swelling is caused by the collection of fluids in the joints which massage helps to disperse. So a good nurtured mother massage can keep those aches at bay if you go regularly enough.

Benefit Number 3 – Nurtured Mother Massage Improves the Progression of Labor!

As if having less stretch marks and less pain weren’t enough, according to international diaper supplier Huggies, pregnancy massage helps reduce the stress hormones in a pregnant woman’s system. The less relaxed a woman is when she goes into labor, the more likely there are to be complications. Maintaining an inner state of calm, peace and acceptance will make for a lower risk birth and an easier ride for you. After all, who’s thinking about your body throughout all this except you?


Massage doesn’t need to stop at pregnancy. It is the ultimate stress reliever that you can condense down into neat little half hour sessions that you could potentially squeeze into a lunch-break. Not only does it provide you with a momentary glimpse into perfect relaxation; it gets rid of all those little aches and pains that are contributing to your discomfort. Try massage today – pregnant or not – and see how much better you feel for it!

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Nike Roach MS, LMBT is a former US ARMY Combat Medic, Husband, Father of three healthy boys, Co-Founder, Chief Wellness Officer of 6th Sense Wellness Group, and a 25+ year health and wellness advocate for improved outcomes in patient care.

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