Are You Frustrated With Joint Pain? Insider Secret Reveals a Surprising Simple Solution…

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This week, I was in a meeting with Betsy of Blue Café, which is a thriving water provider located off of Reynolda Rd. As a provider of an essential necessity of life, I loved chatting with her about all things water, including the different water types we come across daily. When we walk through the supermarket, our eyes see labels shouting: Ionized, Carbonated, Flavored, Spring, Alkaline and simply Purified Water; it is enough to make our head spin! This little chat about H2O reminded me of a previous incident.

Several months ago, one of our amazing clients came into 6th Sense Health and Wellness Center for his monthly maintenance massage. This retired, non-profit executive, with a down-home-charm about him, was having intense pain in his joints. Never having heard him utter a sour word, on this particular afternoon, he had several choice words in regards to his knees. A few years prior, this Titan of the non-profit world, found himself constantly moving all over the Southeast from board meetings, engaging with members of his organization, restructuring business formats and basically being a good steward of his organization. Because of his travel and activity level there was very little time in his day for exercise. He did walk every now and then, as advised by his doctor.

Over time our “Older Adventurer” started walking more, busying himself in his garden and spending more time chasing grand-kids. It was way more activity than his body had become accustomed to. Naturally, he went to his doctor, but still could not find a reason other than a mild case of arthritis. Following the advice of his darling wife Sarah, he began getting regular massages and his knees started to feel better. He was walking more upright and his pain level did go down, but not to the level he desired.Doing a little more investigating I asked him about his daily water intake. He responded as most people do, “I drink plenty of water”. Probing a little more, I encouraged him to increase his water intake. So, off he went consuming just a few more daily cups of water.

Guess what happened? Within two months his pain had been reduced so much so, that his joints are currently feeling 5 years younger and he has since restarted his exercise regimen. He plays with the grand kids with minimal to no pain and generally has a better disposition, all since simply drinking more water.

The fact of the matter is, most people do drink enough water, however as we age, the ability to quickly realize when you are running low on water becomes diminished. In fact, when you reach the level of thirst, experts believe your body to already be a few quarts short.

That aside, if your joints are starting to feel a little tender as you walk, run, or bend over, consider massage therapy along with simply increasing your water consumption daily. You may find this simple format ending your frustrations of achy joints and overall improving your quality of life. If you are currently suffering from joint pain and have an open connection with your doctor, have them stop by our office or give us call, so that we can help join together to help you live a long, productive and relatively pain free life.

NOTE: As with anything else, check in with you doctor first, especially if you are on high blood pressure medications that are designed to remove water from your system.

Nike Roach, MS, LMBT

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  1. Although there is no cure for arthritis there are things that you can do to help with the inflammation and pain besides taking pain medications. Following some exercises and diet will help in overcoming the pains.

  2. Chris, you are 100% correct! We are currently working on an article about holistic ways to combat inflammation, so please stay tuned 🙂

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