Nikki Ferguson-Roach

Jermaine Delgado

Nikki Roach has been a health and wellness coach as well as a Massage Therapist for nearly 13 years and has been licensed for 8 years. Since arriving in the United States she took the information about natural healing methods her grandmother provided her with and shares it with her clients. She encourages the use of exercise, sleep, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, proper food consumption, stress management approaches, fiscal responsibility and prayer to your higher power to ensure improved wellness and quality of life.


Nikki also demonstrates her strength daily by sharing her experiences with addiction. At one time, Nikki was addicted to credit card spending and it devastated her family life. She would love to share how she became debt free, and how you can too by giving your body and mind the tools to combat daily physical and mental challenges.


When not running her business, Nikki is a married mother of three. She hopes to ensure that her family appreciates how to use the time-honored, fiscally conservative way of remaining healthy, happy, and productive.