The following are the acupuncture services we offer. Acupuncture is a Holistic Approach to Health Which Balances the Natural Flow of Energy.


General  Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient technique in which a skilled practitioner inserts hair-thin needles into specific points on the body in order to prevent or treat illnesses. This technique is part of the holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practiced for over 2,500 years in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine views health as a constantly changing flow of energy in the body. Techniques such as Acupuncture are designed to correct imbalances in the natural flow of energy, which are thought to result in disease.

Cupping  Therapy

The use of glass or plastic suction cups to create a “negative pressure massage” to help enhance the free flowing of Qi, Blood, & Body Fluids to treat soft-tissue pain and internal medical conditions.

A safe, non-invasive technique, Cupping is used to treat a myriad of conditions, like colds and flu, gastrointestinal disorders, upper respiratory infections and asthma, as well as problems related to the internal organs or back pain. Cupping has been in the media for its use in treating muscular pain, bone pain and spasms, particularly in the back and shoulders.

Gua  Sha

Gua Sha is healing technique that intentionally raises Sha, or petechiae, to aid in the movement of Qi, blood, and other fluids containing metabolic waste that congests surface tissues and muscles. Gua means to scrape or rub and Sha describes blood stasis in the tissue before and after it is raised. Sha may be visible as a reddish, elevated skin rash or spots. Gua Sha is a completely safe technique. In many cases, the patient feels an immediate shift in their condition for the better.

Gua Sha promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. It is a valuable treatment for both external and internal pain and is an excellent treatment for acute and chronic disorders. If a patient experiences aches, pain, tenderness and/or knotty feeling muscles associated with an acute or chronic disorder, Gua Sha may be applied. Gua Sha may also be used to prevent and treat flu, bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold.

Pediatric  Acupuncture

Pediatric treatments are used for children from the age of infancy to the early teens. Shonishin, or pediatric acupuncture is a specialized acupuncture technique was developed specifically for infants and children up to the age of seven. Shonishin offers a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals in the treatment of childhood health problems–everything from behavioral and emotional to many physical conditions. It has been used with some success in treating infants and children afflicted with a wide variety of conditions, including colic, indigestion, GERD, constipation, and diarrhea. It has even shown some success in the treatment of ADD, ADHD, allergies, asthma, eczema, hives, bedwetting, and stuttering. Children as young as one month old have been effectively treated. Shonishin is normally given with a series of tools that are used to scrape, tap, and rub the acupuncture points. Needle insertion is also part of shonishin, but treatment is often done without any insertion.

In addition to shonishin, children and infants are prescribed herbal products to support their treatments. Usually they taste good and are easy to administer. Parents are advised to keep them on hand in their household medicine chest so that they can intervene at the earliest sign of future illness.

A great benefit of our pediatric treatments is that parents are taught to do much of the treatment, so that they can go home and continue working on their children. Lifestyle changes and diets may be recommended to promote a child’s optimum health.