A Real Horse Whisperer on My Massage Table

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I’m amazed at the occupations that our clients put on their intake form. We have seen Doctors, Lawyers, Pro-athletes, Moms, Business Execs, Congressmen and even a Prince but never a Horse Whisperer.

This week we had a bonafide Horse Whisperer on our table. Well more like a retired horse whisperer looking for feet relief. So how did he come to find himself on our table?

Well after raising Arabian Horses for nearly 30 years our world jet-setter decided to take an adventure to Ecuador to ride with some friends. Unbeknownst to him Ecuador is filled with all types of creepy crawlies. He was not afraid of the bugs but somehow he manage to get a bacterial infection indigenous to a special variety of microbes to Ecuador.

Naturally when he came back to the states, he found out that in order to eradicate this little stinker in his body he had to take some pretty strong antibiotics. The side effects are tingling, and almost fire-like sensation in his feet. Doing a little Google magic he checked our reviews and found himself on our table.This horse pro known for calming thoroughbreds fell asleep on the table like a little Sea Biscuit and finally quieted down the fire feet.

He’s off the meds next week and will be back for help to simmer down his electrified kickers.

Having trouble with your feet from running, standing, medication side effects or just achy feet? Pop on over to our center or give us a call for a foot massage appointment. You may not be able to walk on water but I guarantee you will feel light enough to do so.

Nike Roach,MS, CPT, LMBT

6th Sense Wellness Group

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  1. Loved this article and so happy for your horse whisperer that he found your GREAT establishment!!!!! Everyone should benefit from your great massage therapies…. for what EVER ails them….. THE BEST!

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