A Nutritional Guide That Will Actually Work: ALCAT.

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Being in the south, there is never a shortage of calories. You have your hearty casseroles, deep fried meats, sugar packed pie and loads of carbohydrates lying in mashed potatoes and cornbread. Does this dish need butter? Nope, but I’ll had two
tablespoons anyway!

Where is the line when it comes to food? Consuming food to sustain us, nourishing our bodies and choosing foods that we know we will genuinely enjoy and find ‘Istagram-worthy’. This is a struggle that crosses my mind, almost daily. When I sit down in a restaurant and I see a Bacon Pimento Cheese Burger… I’m sold! Can I get onion rings instead of a side salad, please? I know all too well that this meal will make me extremely happy and warm my belly, because it is so delicious, and I doubt that I will allow myself to feel bad about it. However, what about long term? In just about every other aspect of life, we try to make smart choices for our future. Finish the necessary schooling so that we can get a career, meeting with a banker to set up our 401K for retirement and even starting our Christmas shopping well before the week of Christmas, so that we can enjoy the holiday week. So what about our diet and how that effects our health for years to come?

I’m sure many of us have heard the expression “you are what you eat”. Well, thus far I am a lot of saturated fats, coffee, Wheat Thins and hummus. Yes, I have an active lifestyle and when I’m not at work, I’m often outside or on the go. However, just living a rather non-sedentary lifestyle is not enough. Because of my diet, my organs are not working at their best. So in a way, I’m certainly not creating the best ‘portfolio’ for life long health.

Being that 6th Sense is a Health and Wellness Center, though a lot of our clients do come in solely for Massage Therapy, we do offer serval other services that help people with whole and complete wellness. One of our services is Nutritional Guidance. Through the ALCAT, you will learn what Chemical and Biological food sensitivities and intolerance you have. This is a great way to see what foods do and do not work well with your body. A lot of times we think of food allergies as life threatening problems, which in many cases they can be, but there is much more to it. Are you all too familiar with the ‘afternoon slump’, the feeling of being bloated, hard time focusing or fluctuation in weight? Chances are food sensitivities could be to blame! Once we get your results back, we will go over everything with you, to help guide you into how to implement this dietary feedback into your everyday life. Whether that means modifying which food and dyes you ingest, to monitoring how much sugar you consume. The test can review up to 200 food items, 20 additives, 10 environmental chemicals, 21 molds and several medications.

There are ways to find enjoyment through food (foodies of the world, unite!!), yet make sure that you are keeping your body clean. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean rabbit food and cardboard flavors. We are fortunate enough to live in a world and society, where science allows us to know how to maintain optimal health and prevent some cancers and disease, through watching what we eat. If you are tired of being tired or not being able to loose and keep off weight, call us and let us know that you are interested in the ALCAT test. We would love to help you through your journey of finding the right balance for you. Sometimes is takes a team effort to live healthy and we promise that we can help cheer you on!


By: Megan Wilson

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