A Heroic Adventure with The Life-Saving Touch of Three Friends

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It is not a daily phenomenon to experience such a heroic moment, especially while you are on vacation. A true hero is a person who pushes their own fears aside, for the well-being of others. They do not expect anything in return, neither do they show such bravery for applause. There are very few people with such kindness and strength in their hearts, who can inspire others and transform the lives of those they interact with.

Nike Roach and Nikki Ferguson-Roach are the CEO and COO of 6th Sense Wellness Group in Winston, Salem. During a casual holiday to unwind from work, they went to visit a family business operated by their friend and COO, Christopher Charley Jr. In the beginning, everything seemed normal. A group of friends were all catching up and sharing a lot of laughter with each other. They took a selfie together to celebrate their reunion with the most energetic smiles, for all their friends and family to see on social media. Right after the photo was taken, they were in for a heroic adventure of a lifetime which would have surprised anyone.

Moments after taking the friendly group photo, they spotted a diabetic mother sitting by the side of the road. She was a nurse who spent most of her life helping others but here she was bleeding profusely, unable to save herself. The woman was a victim of a car accident which caused her grave injuries. This triggered a sense of emergency response in the three friends who were just having a good time. They used their expertise to immediately help the poor woman instead of waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Chris reacted immediately by jumping out of his truck to tend to the woman. The loss of blood had put her life in danger and there was no time to spare. They could not wait for help to arrive and had to drive her in their truck immediately. Nikki’s quick-thinking abilities and Aiko Jackson’s (Nikkis Niece) ice stabilized the woman, as they hurriedly drove down the mountainside to get access to an ambulance. Instead of leaving her in the hands of others, they continued supporting her in many more ways and even went to the hospital to make sure she would be treated well.

After dealing with all the fuss by medical providers, the woman underwent all the x-rays and was finally admitted into surgery. The surgery was successful, and the nurse was finally discharged to go home with her family. Although she was beyond grateful for all the help she received, Nike, Nikki, and Chris did not give up on her just yet. Christopher Charley’s company extended its generosity by covering all her medical bills. Later he discovered that the patient was one of his customers. No one could deny the existence of a divine miracle during this situation. That woman had six witnesses to help her in ways that would not have been possible otherwise, and she left the hospital debt-free. That is what makes this story a true miracle and a heroic act that is rarely seen. An experience like this reminds us about the beauty of the human spirit and how the kindness of strangers can save a life, just by being in the right place at the right time.

Christopher Charley’s motto has always been that “You have to do what you need to do, even when you don’t want to do it.” Which explains his self-sacrificing generosity, when it came to saving a mother’s life. He is the Chief Operating Officer at KDC Group Jamaica WI, that was inspired by the kindness of JMMB who helped his family during a difficult time. Therefore, he always goes the extra mile to help others as well. JMMB invested in his family business and customized a loan to fulfill their specific requirements. This support and the hard work of his team grew them to several new heights. Now his company includes CWH Gas Company Limited, which is one of the largest suppliers of cooking gas on the island of Jamaica. His tips for succeeding as an entrepreneur are that a person should always stay committed to their goals.

He also recommends practicing the “ANC Rule,” to Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate. This rule was inspired by Christopher Jr’s passion for airlines and ensuring safe flights. It is essential to be in control of a business and manage all its operations efficiently. He also emphasizes the need to manage finances carefully so that no matter how big a company grows; entrepreneurs should still gain profits from all their efforts. This also makes it easy to provide financial documents to commercial lenders and financiers.

The other heroes of this story, Nike Roach, and Nikki Ferguson-Roach are the co-owners of 6th Sense Wellness. This began as a therapeutic massage center and expanded its services to provide more holistic and health wellness benefits. They wanted to support their community and patients by providing the best care in terms of therapeutic massage, nutrition, and acupuncture. They stress the importance of proper nutrition and help people fulfill their weight goals by designing custom plans specified to a person’s body.

Their acupuncture service balances the natural flow in the body by taking advantage of acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha. These services are aimed at healing a body’s energy to prevent both physical and mental illnesses. The 6th Sense Wellness Center’s expertise also treats female-specific issues by specializing in pregnancy, infertility, and menopause. With a lot of care and understanding, they design treatment plans specifically for patients to fulfill all their health and wellness needs.

Chris, Nike, and Nikki were extremely skilled at saving a mother’s life on the side of the road. It was second nature to them where they did not even have to think twice about what to do. They trusted their own instincts and expertise, knowing that they were the best people to make a difference in saving a person’s life. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they are regular people who simply wear a lot of passion and motivation to help others as much as possible.

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