7 Top Secrets to Absolutely Guarantee You Will Have the Best Massage Ever

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Nikki Roach and Dr Tom Coaxum talking about his recent wellness visit.

Over the years we’ve asked our amazing clients what they liked most about being a part of the 6th Sense Health and Wellness Center community. From these questions we learn what we are doing well and where to make improvements. There is always room for growth and feedback is always appreciated.

We also asked our clinician “what you feel would help you provide better service to the client/patients? Below is just a small list of suggestion. These can be applied whether you come to our Winston Salem office or other health care centers in your community.


Most massage therapist are schedule one session after another with sometimes only 5 min between the next person. We love our clients and want to always give exemplary health and wellness care. We also know that this may be the most important stop in your day because it’s a respite from the hectic mayhem outside. By being on time you honor your therapist and they will go over the top to deliver more than you expected.


Most massage therapist do not go into the profession to become wealthy. They do it because they love people and having the ability to help another in pain or stress. Before your appointment they may have spent the last half hour researching in books to be prepared to provide you with a phenomenal experience. Just saying thank you from the heart will make sure you have honored your wellness partners.


Similar to above most massage therapist are not in it for the money. It’s something deeper. And giving a tip or gratuity is a way to show appreciation and encouragement for a phenomenal experience. Many therapist will even over look if you have to cancel at the last minute without penalties. However the cheapskates are the people that many facilities will find a reason to avoid booking altogether or worse charge full price for even the smallest bump in the road. It’s a fact…Tippers often get better service in the restaurants and in health care.


We never talk on our cell phones during your sessions because we want to be in the presence with you and hold our time with you sacred. Be the person known for turning off the outside world for 60-90 minutes. Be assured that the world can survive without you being plugged in. Plus when you are HERE you will find the session far more relaxing and beneficial.


In most treatment rooms the light is low to enhance the relaxation process. Yet just because soft music is playing does not mean that this is not a health care visit. Some of the best treatment are from those that ask question about health care issues a client is facing. Also if the pressure is too great or even too light, by all means announce this to the therapist. It will not hurt their feelings. They are there to serve you as your  primary healthcare provider.

Have you ever had a really good meal and just could not wait to tell others? Did you ever see a movie and feel almost compelled to share your experience. Nothing is better than your recommendation. We have found that when you tell others about how your therapist makes you feel special and important, they will move heaven and earth to take care of you. Some benefits include giving you more time on the table at no charge, letting you know insiders specials and bonuses and even priority booking. For added benefit, we have instituted a NEW REWARDS program to thank you for spreading our good name.

Have you received and hand written note lately. Chances are you have not. It has gone out of fashion with the advent of e-mail. However, very few things in the therapists makes them feel as special as a heartfelt appreciation. If you can described what you like best about your last session and even make suggestion, they will love you for it. Many therapist get the note so infrequently that they actually save them longer than birthday cards.
The above are the top ways o to get the best massage ever. The understanding is that if you help the therapist feel valued, they may surprise you at what they are willing to do.

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