7 Great Flexibility Tips for Older Americans

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Dr. Dustin Houser of Lucia Chiropractic Clinic talks with Nike Roach of 6th Sense Health and Wellness about solutions for spinal injuries and misalignment.

As we get older, our bodies require some flexibility from anything like washing dishes to tossing a ball with the younger generations. So whether its menial chores around the house, having fun with the grandkids, or impressing that someone without a struggle, here are the best ways to increase flexibility for older Americans.

1) Stretching
Stretching is probably one of the most important things that can be done to help the body and retain mobility. Stretching pulls the muscles, essentially expanding them, which in turn eases pulling on the skeleton. Beneficial symptoms of this include a de-stressed body, increased blood flow, and improved mood. Stretching has been scientifically proven to increase ranges of motion and help Americans avoid injuries.

2) Yoga
Yoga can be thought of in many different ways. For some it is a spiritual opportunity to connect with oneself, for others it is just a more regimented for a stretching with strength exercises incorporated in. Whatever your case, yoga is still a great way to increase flexibility through dynamic and static positions that focus on a wide range of muscles.

3)Massage Therapy

Working much in the same way that stretching does without the pulling, massage therapy can bean excellent way the loosen joints and muscles and stimulate blood flow. It’s well known that loose muscles are less likely to strain and sprain during workouts. Massage therapy conjoined with stretching can be one of the quickest ways to regain lost range of motion and increase flexibility.

4) Chiropractic Care
Though it may sound like nonsense, getting the spine aligned can have prominent effects throughout the body. Think of a Skyscraper – what’s a better build: one that zig-zags all the way to the top or one that is straight up and down? Much like your spine, straight up and down is the much better options. When the spine is aligned with the rest of the body, it allows for an increased range of motion without pain and an improvement in mood. These things can help lead to increased flexibility.

5) Consistent exercise
Though not stretching with exercise can decrease flexibility, consistent exercise itself allows for recovery of strength and range of motion which enables more flexibility. One of leading cause for poor flexibility is that as we get older we stop moving as much. The sedentary lifestyle greatly decreases the flexibility and consistent exercise at least enables those muscles to keep moving and stay limber.

6) Hot tubs or Sauna
Not directly relating to flexibility, the warm humid environments created by hot tubs and saunas allow muscles to relax and loosen. This should be combined with a method listed above but is still a great additive to the flexibility program for any individual, young and old.

7) Be Well Hydrated
Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water and this includes our muscles. When our muscles do not have the level of water needed to function properly, they tighten and contract. Staying hydrated enables our muscles to optimally respond to flexibility exercises.

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