6 Wellness Hacks 2019

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I wanted to share with you 6 Tips That I Believe Will Help you significantly Improve your life going into 2019.


1.Show gratitude more often. If someone stops their car to let you walk past, THANK them. If someone holds the door open for you, thank them. If your spouse makes you dinner thank them even if they have made you dinner the last 37 years. Showing gratitude never gets old and the more grateful you are, the more things you will train your mind to locate to be grateful about.


2.Keep showing and telling your significant other how much you love them. Send a random text to them right now and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life and how sexy and amazing they are. This text, especially if this is something you never do, will probably go over better than buying them some fancy gift. Do SOMETHING daily to show your significant other that you think about them and love them. If you don’t have a significant other and want one, take a minute right now to write down all the traits you would want in your perfect person, I did this after I had been married for over 12 years to my spouse. Before this I totally hated my wife, and thought she did not have any of these traits. I started to treat Nikki really special like she was my dream Girl. Through these steps Nikki has totally become that person that I always wanted:-)


3.Forgive. We are all human and we ALL make mistakes. I’ve certainly made my fair share. It is never worth holding a grudge as it eats away at parts of you way more than it hurts the person you have a grudge against. Forgiving people is easier, than in the times where you have NOT forgiven them. What if that person passed away tonight? If that thought leaves you questioning if you should have a grudge then drop it.


4.Be willing to do the work to build your dreams, and the life you love. It is NOT easy and you will probably have to work harder than you have ever dreamed of but it will be worth it. You CAN have the life of your dreams IF you are willing to put in the effort long enough without a whole lot of payoffs in the beginning.


5Don’t major in minor things. Yes I believe in understanding politics and I personally love getting on FAceBook and Pinterest but neither should consume every minute of your day unless that is your actual business and career. Too many people are so distracted by what others are doing that they don’t have time to focus on their own home and their own life.


6.Get a Massage Or Give a Gift of Massage Therapy Regularly. It’s tempting to only give a gift of Massage Therapy during the holiday months. But the fact is good health is not reserved just for those special occasions. It should be done all the time. Best of all its fat free, does not require shipping and you can purchase it online RIGHT NOW


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” — Christian D. Larson

God bless!

Nike Roach, MS. LMBT

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