5 Reasons Going To Church May Improve Your Health

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It is an undeniable fact that the Church isn’t reaching the millennials for they’re sick of hearing how corruption, infidelity, and pedophile priests are destroying some Church’s sanctity. Topping it all off, there are questions over misallocation of financials and lavish spent – true transparency matters to the millennials!

Another reason why one-third of a generation is struggling to get to church maybe because they’re simply enjoying the ‘free’ time.

Now let’s talk about the other side of the coin – attending Church is good for your physical and mental health!

Says who? You might ask.

Says SCIENCE! Well, science isn’t always at odds, you guessed right, with faith or religion.

And if you’re still not sure, here are a few good reasons to go to church.

  1.    Helps You Live Longer

Studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health show that religious attendance can enhance your time on earth. The researchers found a surprisingly better blood pressure, active immune system, and healthier endocrine and cardiovascular systems in regular church-goers. Furthermore, they found 20 to 30 percent low mortality rate in them compared to others who don’t go to the Church occasionally.

  1.    Reduction in depression and suicide

Church attendance may decrease the likelihood of developing depression and suicidal thoughts and feelings, says a study published in the  Journal of Religion and Health. The regular church-going women who participated in the survey showed a positive attitude and more confidence and were 27 percent less likely to go through deep, dark depression.

  1.    More social connections

Strong social connections will not only make people happier, but healthier – says the studies. More social ties mean a person is less likely to be lonely, depressed or unhappy. Most churches have many different groups and clubs, meaning you can make more friends, share your stories, or even make a second family. Be a social butterfly than a smartphone addict!

  1.    Fewer Divorces

Needless to say, divorce can take a toll both mental and physical well-being of spouses and children. According to the Institute of Family Studies, couples who attend religious services together are reported to be happier and satisfied in their marriage. Because Church reinforces ‘till death us do part’.

  1.    Help Find More Reasons

There’s no better place to be reminded of the manners, morals, accountability, and selflessness that we already have in us than by going to church. Most importantly, going to church will let one reflect back on their thoughts or actions. And when he or she finds the critical inner voice, life becomes happier and more peaceful.

Whatever faith you belong to, we suspect that God doesn’t want the children to visit because it benefits the worship houses. And yes, one shouldn’t attend religious services only to reap benefits. Even if you got a beef with a certain faith house or religion, you can still find a belief system that matches your views.

In short, go to Church (read: regularly), meet people, make friends, share goals, and support a healthy lifestyle.


Nike Roach MS, LMBT is a former US ARMY Combat Medic, Husband, Father of three healthy boys, Co-Founder, Chief Wellness Officer of 6th Sense Wellness Group, and a 25+ year health and wellness advocate for improved outcomes in patient care.


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