5 Questions every Allergy Sufferer should ask about eating better.

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As well as being necessary as a source of nutrition, eating can also be a pleasurable experience. Understandably, finding out you have allergies to foods you enjoy can be upsetting and even life changing. There is however a great benefit to finding out if you has allergies and/or sensitivities.

The benefit is that although initially you may be upset to find you have to omit certain things from your diet, once you make the necessary changes you will notice that any associated symptoms improve which make maintaining the changes long term a lot easier.

If you think you have a food allergy or intolerance there will be a few questions you will have. The most common and useful are as follows:

Which allergies are the most common?

Food allergies are not as uncommon as you may think; the most common are to lactose, dairy, nuts, gluten and seafood. Other allergies exist but these are the most common which is why a lot of the less known allergies and intolerances go unnoticed if the side effects of consuming them are not life threatening.

What should I do if I think I am allergic or sensitive to an ingredient?

If you think you may have an allergy or intolerance the best way to find out for sure is to have an allergy test. Even if previously you have been found to be negative to having allergies to a specific food it could be that you still haven’t got the antibodies that show up, but it is likely to still affect you in some way and could worsen over time. Just like many other health problems allergies fall into different ranges, you could have a mild or severe reaction such as gut problems, slight rashes to anaphylaxis.

What can I do once I know I have a food allergy?

Once you are aware of an allergic trigger/sensitivity you will know that each time you eat or drink it your body responds by becoming inflamed. Even mild effects to consuming foods you are allergic to can cause numerous health issues later down the line as unseen organs could be becoming inflamed without you even knowing it. For this reason no matter where on the scale you fall you should still avoid the ingredient to reduce the chance of getting seriously sick later in life.

Can my allergies change over time?
Once you become allergic to a specific food you will not grow out of it as such. Serious reactions need to be seriously avoided including the consumption of the food by others within your home and being wary of cooking or eating using the same utensils as used for the allergy causing ingredient. Mild allergies and intolerances can vary in severity throughout your life but will always be present and the result of unwanted swelling in the body can be dangerous if you continue to expose yourself to it.

Where can I get tested for food allergies or Food Sensitivity?
Many of the allergy tests by medical practitioners are limited to the most common food allergens and those that you may suspect you are allergic to. This could mean that you do not have a comprehensive list of all of your allergies so it may omit one ingredient without others so your symptoms continue. Yet the best place to get tested for allergies is often your doctor’s office.

The Alcat Test on the other hand does not check for allergies. It checks food sensitivity that over time could cause major health risks. It doesn’t just check for the most common or ingredients that you think you may be sensitive to. It is a more comprehensive test where you can choose from 50 to 250 potential panels for food sensitivity. You can additionally be tested for sensitivity to certain medications, additives and preservatives which you may not have even tied into your symptoms. Being a comprehensive test you will have a full list of ingredients that could be harming your body so that you can make an educated effort to omit them from your diet and find alternatives that are healthier for you. To find out more about the Alcat Test and choose the right test for you click here.

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