5 Myths about Healthy Carpet Cleaning that Simply Aren’t True

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Nikki Roach of 6th Sense Health and Wellness learns about healthy carpets from Rhonda McGirt of Professional Carpet Systems

A well overlooked area of cleaning is the carpets. For a busy parent, carpet cleaning is one of the easiest things to push off to until tomorrow. Between moving the furniture and blocking out time, cleaning the carpets can be a real hassle. Here are five myths about carpet cleaning that just simply aren’t true.

Myth #1: A clean carpet only gets dirty quicker.
This is just simply not the case, though it may appear to be so. If a carpet is improperly cleaned and has left over residue and oils, this may cause a carpet to collect dirt faster. However, it is simply because the carpet is clean that it seems like the carpet is getting dirty faster. A dirty carpet is a dirty carpet even if it does not look that dirty.

Myth #2: Over-vacuuming can damage a carpet.
There is no such thing as over vacuuming a carpet. Period. End of story. Carpets are made to be durable and sturdyso they can be cleaned regularly. So, moral of the story is vacuum your carpets because they will hold up and last. It is advised to vacuum a carpet anywhere from once a week to once a month depending on abuse and if there are pets.

Myth #3: Carpets store allergens.
Yes, it is true – dust, dander, soil, and other allergens can settle in a carpet. But the carpet in turn acts like a filter, trapping these allergens in until it is cleaned. Think about alternatives to carpets, such as hard wood or tile, where do the allergens go when they are brought in to the house? They stay in the air, on the walls, and on the surface of the floors. Carpets stop the flow of allergens around a house. The myth comes from carpets that are not cleaned regularly. If the allergens are not removed, then of course
they will seem like a carpet is the cause for all the allergy problems.

Myth #4: Any cheap cleaner will do the job.
No good service comes cheap, whether it professionally done or is DIY cleaned. This applies to cleaning carpets. To get all of the dust, dander, soil, oil, and other debrisout of a carpet, a good cleaner is needed to do the job. Think about hiring a professional cleaner every now and then to give a good deep cleaning to your carpets. It will help them last longer as it is often poor cleaning that ages carpets fastest.

Myth #5: Steam cleaning can only lead to a moldy carpet.
Unfortunately, this can be true if the job is not done right; however, that is rarely the case and even rarer amongst professional cleaners .Do you think a professional cleaner that left a carpet moldy would be in business – No! For amateur steam cleaning jobs, just be sure to follow the directions carefully and there
will never be an issue.

Cleaning the carpets is an important part of cleaning a home. It is important to know that carpets need to be replaced when they become too dirty to be cleaned. For the well-being of everyone, sometimes it is better to buy new carpets if old carpets have not been well maintained.

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