5 Mistakes Companies Make with In-Office Seated Massage Programs

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Kevin Bruce of Flow Auto, receives a seated massage from Nikki Roach of 6th Sense Health and Wellness

There are many speculations amongst employers as to whether an in-office chair massage is worth the price or if there is even a benefit to it. The answer is “Yes!” There are well recognized benefits to massages and these can extend to the work place as well. Consider these five mistakes that employers make with in-office massage chair programs.

It’s not on the schedule

The first mistake many employers make is not recognizing the plethora of benefits that an in-office massage chair program can provide. The obvious first benefit is employees are more relaxed and focused after a massage which makes them more productive. The next major benefit is that it increases workplace morale. Employees will feel cared for by their employers and in turn be more motivated to work for them.

Believing it cost too much

Employers that believe that an in-office massage chair program cost too much are only looking at the upfront cost. Since employees will be more relaxed and focused after a massage, they will be capable of more efficient work and can also work harder. Also when employees feel cared for by their employers, they are more likely to work harder and be more dedicated to their work. Both of these reasons increase employee productivity in the long run and so the in-office massage chairs will pay for themselves.

Not setting space aside

Another common mistake is not setting aside enough space. There must be enough space to allow for the massage therapist to do his or her job. This means placing the massage chair in a place removed from the work station. Dedicating enough space to the massage chair only improves results because the massage therapist can do his or her job better, the employee can destress more at work making him or her more focused when he or she returns to work, and again it shows that you as an employer want the best for your people.

Not doing it often enough (4-12 times a years is great)

To fully realize the potential of an in-office massage chair program, consider having one anywhere from once a quarter to once a month. This way your employees will have a special day to look forward to that reminds them that you are looking out for them. The name of the game is earnestly making sure your employees are happy that way they will be more motivated to work harder. A regular massage chair visit can accomplish this goal. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a massage especially at work?

Not including your customers or vendors in your wellness day

This mistake can be a little tricky. If a massage encourages employees to work harder than it would make sense that those benefits could be extended to customers or vendors. Just make sure to always place your employees before any customers or vendors to ensure they know that you care about them, the employees, first. However, if the chair is open, why not try to build customer loyalty by offering them a massage. The chair is already paid for.

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