5 Luxury Staycation Tips an Experienced Busy Parent Can Use Immediately

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Staycation? What is that? This new trend involves taking a “vacation” without going anywhere – a staycation. For the experienced and busy parent, the staycation can be a helpful way to get away when there just isn’t time to get away. Check out these 5 helpful tips to make your luxury staycation the best that it can be.

1) Plan the trip out a few weeks in advance

This not only helps to balance your schedule well in advance, it also builds anticipation for the staycation. Seeing it appear on your calendar as you run from work to soccer to dance with dinner somewhere in between (or whatever else your busy schedule may also include) builds excitement for the break that you deserve and earned.

2) Be sure to make dinner reservations

Instead of that home cooked meal, treat yourself to a nice dinner. Not only will the food be good, but it will also help set the tone that you are taking a break from life. This dinner doesn’t need to be extremely fancy, maybe it’s just that new restaurant that opened up down the block or maybe it is a black tie luxury indulgence with three forks, either way makes it special for your relationship. The important part is that the two of you are able to break from daily lives and enjoy just being free.

3) Couples massage in your room

For the ultimate relaxation experience, consider a couples massage in your room. It is alright to just hang out and spend time while the two of you unwind together. The added benefit of having it in your own room is that there is no pressure to go anywhere. This could be at local hotel room if you choose to ditch the house completely or in your home – the important thing is that the two of you relax and spend time together in a new an interesting way.

4) Turn off the Phone

The point of a staycation is to remove yourself from your life without going anywhere. Having that pesky cellphone on to remind you of the world around prevents a clean break and mental detachment. To truly pursue a staycation, leave the cellphone out of it. The two of you will enjoy the company of each other without any outside distraction and, as weird as it sounds, will give the two of you the opportunity to catch back up with the other as it is oh so easy to become estranged being a busy parent

5) Local Hotels can be elegant if you plan it

It might be a good idea to consider renting a local hotel room to aid in the getting yourself in the right head space of a staycation. Leave your home and go away. Call somewhere else home for a weekend like you would on a real vacation. Though it is not necessary, this helps many couples place themselves in the right mindset to really enjoy the staycation for everything it is worth.

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