3 Reasons Why Men Dread Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and it is not surprising why most men seem to walk on eggshells. It is that time of the year they dread coming, and for very good reasons too!

Take this quick- read about Valentine’s Day from a male perspective.

One, Valentine’s Day happens roughly just 50 days after Christmas that unless his last name is Gates or Buffet, the man in your life would be reeling at the thought of a double whammy on his budget.
Valentine’s Day has come a long way from cards, chocolates, or roses. Today, it has a more commercialized undertone with Louis Vuitton, Hermes, or Prada as the “in” gift. Travel getaways have become the new craze, and since most men would not want to be outdone by their peers in the gift-giving department, this creates unnecessary pressure on them.

Two, gone were the days when it wasn’t the gift, but the thought that counted. Today, in the US alone, men would spend over 800 million dollars, annually, in gift-giving. Apparently, more than the “thought’” what matters most now is the price tag on the gift!

Three, Valentine’s Day seems to give every woman in a relationship the benefit of expecting an extravagant gesture from the man in her life, which cannot be said about men in the same relationship. Although women do give gifts on Valentine’s Day, it is more of a free choice for them, not an obligation. The weight of gift-giving on Valentine’s Day really rests on men’s broad shoulders.

No wonder most men dread Valentine’s Day like a plague, but here is a way out of this financial rub-out:

Stop buying love. Romance need not be expensive. Candle-lit dinners at home, freshly-picked flowers from the garden, A Couples Massage, or a loving kiss on the forehead…successful marriages have been built on these.

Lavish gift-giving is not wrong, provided it’s backed by right reason, and not merely to impress or show-off.

When you feel the need to splurge on Valentine’s Day for the sake of ego, forget it. True love doesn’t boast, or gets intimidated by another man’s gift. It is also not defined by just a day, or season.

Nike Roach, MS., LMBT, is the founder of 6th Sense Health and Wellness Center and happy husband of nearly 17 years to company COO, Nikki Roach.

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